Ten Things You Need To Know

  1. Kelly Aykers is not just a name on a sign. Kelly is on deck at the studio eveyday teaching and sharing the experience with Melbourne's finest faculty to ensure that each student gets the care and dedication they deserve.
  2. It is not enough to make up the numbers at a larger school. The strictly limited intake ensures that when you study at Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance, you study in an intimate and specialised environment in Melbourne that nourishes a cohesive and inclusive course where all students are catered to.
  3. After years of developing full time courses for other schools around the country, Kelly is dedicated to ensuring that her own course maintains all of the ideals and disciplines that she deems essential to success in dance. Kelly also knows that the only way to achieve this is to oversee that tuition personally.
  4. Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance offers leading tuition not only in all aspects of commercial dance, but also offers fully accredited courses in Musical Theatre and Dance Teaching and Management providing a career sustainability rarely offered by institutions in this country.
  5. Anyone can open a dance school – but that doesn’t mean they can teach dance. Kelly has been employed at the highest level and employed by Australia’s biggest production houses to do exactly that. Kelly has maintained contacts and friendships with some of the biggest names in the industry and to study at Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance is to benefit from all that those relationships have to offer.
  6. Aside from being employed to choreograph some of Musical Theatre’s biggest and best-loved musicals, Kelly has appeared on television as both a choreographer (Seasons 1&2 of So You Think You Can Dance and Young Talent Time on Network Ten) and more prominently on screen preparing novices for the stage on Ultimate School Music for Fox 8. There is a reason that Kelly Aykers has become one of Australia’s most sought after dance personalities.
  7. Kelly knows that for students to truly excel, you can’t afford to skimp on the teachers.  Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance is committed to paying well above the industry rate to obtain the very best teachers available. In that way we can ensure that nobody enters the industry under-prepared.
  8. Kelly Aykers is THE first choice for dance studies in Australia. There are a number of schools that will happily admit students irrespective of experience or potential. With strictly limited places available, acceptance into Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance is an achievement in itself and one that will place you in an ideal position for a promising future in the industry.
  9. With years of experience on audition and casting panels, few in the industry are as attuned to what is required for the modern dancer to achieve success in a competitive industry. Kelly’s new band of graduates will be battler-ready to impress at the highest level.
  10. When a new dancer enters the industry, they arrive carrying the brand and reputation of those that have taught them. A graduate of Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance is to emerge into the wider industry with the same respect and identity that Kelly has commanded throughout her career. In an industry that revolves around talent and reputation, landing in the industry with the endorsement of Kelly Aykers cannot be underestimated.